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In Conclusion

I think Amy was fantastic character and if this show had been made today maybe her potential would have been better realized.  As it was, Melinda Culea was stuck with the token female role and a very "macho" show with actors who were quite vocal about not wanting her around.  She was in a no win situation.  I wish she knew (and Marla Heasley as well) that the characters meant something to me.  Amy inspired me with her strength, her dignity, and her independence.  

This vid is kind of old and it's a tribute to both actresses on the show, but I'm posting it anyway.

Day 6

            Amy wasn’t the only time that The A-Team tried to put a fifth outsider on the team.  No, they tried two more times with Tawnia and Frankie.  Tawnia didn’t last long at all and while Frankie did last a whole season, it was the last season.  So, what is it that sets Amy apart from them? 
            For one thing, I just think she was better at handling the job.  Tawnia was pretty prissy and Frankie was just kind of an idiot.  Amy wasn’t a fighter but she was a quick learner, she thought on her feet and she had good instincts.  She wasn’t stupid.  She was a very calm person and she was a lot stronger than she looked.  In a cast with such exaggerated and cartoonish personalities (not that I don’t love the guys), Amy seemed to me to be a very realistic person.  With Tawnia and Frankie, they went with big over the top personalities again that just made the show seem crowded whereas Amy with her quiet dignity and intelligence added weight to the series.  She was compassionate without coming off as a bleeding heart.  She was strong without being superhuman.  She was smart without being a genius.  Basically, all of her good qualities were kept at a realistic level.  She wasn’t made out to be a Mary Sue (and I know we all hate that term) but she could take care of herself.  There was a great balance to her that made her seem like a real person.  Tawnia, though I liked her too, was just a quick replacement that ultimately failed.  Frankie was comic relief.  Amy was a character.  A character with a lot of wasted potential but a realized character nonetheless.


Amy Fanvid

Day 5

This is the first Amy fanvid I've made and I'm pretty happy with it even if it is short.  The song is by Superchick and I think it's perfect for Amy.  I also think of this song anytime I need to find some strength in myself.  So, it's only fitting that I use it for one of my fictional heroines.

Action!Amy Picspam

Day 4

A small picspam of Amy getting in on the action.

With bonus Action!figure Amy :)

Top Three Amy Episodes

Day 3

Top Three Amy Episodes
3.) When You Comin’ Back Range Rider
            This isn’t really a favorite episode of mine.  It was in season two and unfortunately by that time Amy barely had anything to do.  However, this episode marks the only time she ever had a love interest.  The guys had them on a fairly regular basis but Amy just had this one time.  It was nice to see her get a bit of attention from a client for a change.  His name was Daniel Running Bear.  Not much of a looker if you ask me, but he had good taste.  She also got to fire flaming arrows in this episode.  That’s pretty cool.  I wish this skill would have come back into play in later episodes, but alas, that would have taken away focus from the guys

2.) A Nice Place to Visit
            I mentioned this episode in my day 1 post.  This is the episode where she went all Straw Dogs (a very, very, very mild version of Straw Dogs) on the bad guys.  This is a very cool episode for Amy.  I must give the writers credit for this.  This show was pretty sexist (I know, different times and all that) but this time they actually allowed Amy to handle herself.  She ran off the bad guys.  She did everything she could think of to protect herself and their pregnant friend and it paid off.  The guys didn’t have a hand in saving her.  She took all the experiences she had had up to that point and used them well.  She didn’t panic at all.  I really love the whole scene for letting Amy be the hero.  It showed how strong a person Amy was.  It also showed her as an individual, not just a pretty prop or someone for the guys to rescue.

1.) One More Time
            First of all, this is a great episode for my A-Team OTP (Amy/Murdock).  But Amy has one great moment that I have to single out.  Hannibal, Face, and BA all get captured by the MPs and Murdock and Amy have to save them.  The scene in question is near the end of the episode.  Murdock has been in charge the whole time and he’s in the middle of telling Amy what the plan is, when they spot Face about to be executed.  Murdock just kind of stares like a deer in headlights.  He’s totally frozen.  (Understandable btw.  If my bff was about to be killed, I don’t know that I could move either).  Anyway, Amy’s not frozen.  She fires off a flare gun into some barrels of gasoline.  This distracts the bad guys and saves Face.  It also knocks Murdock out of his stupor.  It’s such a small moment that may not even be meant to be interpreted that way.  Still, I love it.


Short fic from Amy's POV set during Children of Jamestown.  This is probably the most vulnerable we ever see Amy.  She's afraid and she admits it.  She's never been in a situation remotely like this before and probably never thought she would be.  I wondered what was going through her head then and why she stuck with the guys after seeing how dangerous it can get.


I had the jazz.  I thought I had the jazz.  That thrill of chasing down criminals, of righting wrongs.  In Mexico, I was too focused and determined to spare myself a thought.  I had to find Al.  I had to save him.  I didn’t even think about how much danger I was in.  I should have thought about it.  Because Al is safe now.  That job is over.  Mexico seems like a lifetime ago.  Was it only a few weeks ago?  Have I been on this crazy high, this jazz, all this time?  Sitting here in this barn now, the three of them telling me to accept death, I think I’m finally coming down.  I loved saving that girl.  She’ll get to go back to her life because of us.  We saved her.  Is that thought enough comfort if I die here today? 
            Maybe I made a mistake, joining the team.  Maybe Hannibal was right.  I take his hand as he tells me to do as they say.  But, I was right, wasn’t I?  I knew Al was in trouble even when my boss wouldn’t believe it.  I trusted my instincts like a good journalist should.  Like I always do.  Like I did when I chose to come on this mission.  I stop listening to the guys as they keep trying to reassure me.  They’re asking me to trust them and I do, but I trust myself more.  And I made the right call. 

I Love This Jazz

Day 1

I love this Jazz


Amy Amanda Allen

Hannibal: What’s your full name, kid?
Amy: Amy Amanda Allen.
Hannibal: Triple “A”, huh?
Amy: Sounds like somebody who belongs on a unit called The A-Team.

Amy: BA was telling me about the Jazz and I think I caught the fever.

What can I say about Amy Allen?  She’s amazing.  She started out as just another client but the thrill of the job got to her and she couldn’t stay away.  I know a lot of A-Team fans don’t consider her (or Tawnia and Frankie) to be part of the team, but I do.  I think the show was better when she was around and she had so much untapped potential as a character.  The guys would be dead if not for her.  She deserves some credit for that.
            From the moment we see her, we know her as a strong willed person.  When she believes in something she sticks to it.  She’s loyal to her friends.  In the first episode she gets suspended from her job for trying to find her friend, Al Massey, but that doesn’t discourage her at all.  She keeps going.  She pursues and hires the A-Team.  When they want to leave her behind to do the jobs themselves, she withholds their pay until they let her come.  When she decides she wants to be a part of the team she gets herself on the team and she more than earns her stay.
            Amy was never a damsel in distress.  She never got herself kidnapped.  Just the opposite in fact, the guys constantly got caught by the military and she, along with Murdock, had to rescue them.  The one time she was in real danger, she saved herself and ran off the bad guys before the rest of the team could get to her.  That’s right.  She’s that awesome.

Just look at that defiant face.  You don’t mess with this woman.  This is where the story of Amy begins but not where it ends.

Book Reviews

These two autobiographies by Dirk Benedict are unlike any autobiography I’ve ever read.  They are not just the stories about his life.  They are not simply made up of anecdotes.  They don’t exist to give you more information about the man.  Benedict has a lot of very strong opinions and I think these books, particularly Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy are a way of getting those opinions out there as fully as he can. 

His main point in Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy is ‘you are what you eat.’  Never have I thought so much about that phrase.  I rarely ever think about what I eat and when I do, it’s more about vanity (I want to be thinner) than about health.  I have to admit, I’m intrigued by his story.  When he found out he had prostate cancer, he shut himself away in a secluded cabin in New Hampshire and stuck to a very strict macrobiotic diet and healed himself.  I’ve never heard of anything like this.  I think rejecting doctors and going off on your own when you’ve been diagnosed with the big ‘C’ takes incredible courage and faith.  I’m not sure I have it in me.  On the other hand, Benedict has a very harsh view of doctors.  I don’t think they are as bad as he makes them out to be, but I see his point as well.  I don’t think anyone should blindly trust their doctors.  They make mistakes.  They’re human too.  The idea that you can avoid diseases that appear to be just a part of life now (cancer, high blood pressure) is nice.  I certainly believe it has merits.  We do stuff ourselves with junk food.  It’s so readily available and there’s so much of it.  I never finish a full plate at a restaurant because they pile so much food onto it.
However, I don’t agree with everything he says.  He gets pretty extreme.  For example, he really believes that women belong in the kitchen and that they should be content with just being able to have children.  He sees childbirth as an amazing thing and he repeatedly says that women are stronger than men.  Thanks for the compliment, but, just because we can doesn’t mean we have to.  He basically says that all women who choose not to have children end up regretting it and desperately try to get pregnant when they’re older.  I sincerely doubt he knows that for a fact about every woman out there. Off the top of my head, I can think of one woman I know who is at least in her late 50’s childless by choice and perfectly happy with that.  He doesn’t need to speak for women and I wish he wouldn’t.  Maybe I’m being too harsh and he didn’t mean these things in the way I interpreted them, but I’m just giving my opinion based on what I read.
 Aside from all of that, he is a deeply fascinating individual and macrobiotics is obviously something he strongly believes in.  And he’s still alive, cancer free, and in great health.  I think he made a pretty great life choice.  It made me think, how right is he about food?  Can cancer really be the result of all the junk food we eat?  That’s kind of horrifying to me.  A disease so awful and we do it to ourselves?  Are snack food companies just as bad as cigarette companies?  Possibly.  I think it is definitely something to think about.  No matter how I feel about some of his more sexist ideas, I can’t ignore his main point. 
 I have to say, I’m rather amused by some of what he says as well.  I find him a bit hypocritical.  He goes on and on about how his career doesn’t matter to him and how the success didn’t mean anything and it was all just part of a journey he had to take, but he didn’t care about the actual projects or the successes and failures.  Okay, that’s all well and good.  But, if that’s true and he’s so “above” it all, what’s with being so insulted that they made his Battlestar Galactica character a woman in the reboot tv show? What’s with being insulted that his cameo was so short in The A-Team movie?  The fact that he bothered to comment on either of these things implies that he cares.  On some level, he cares. 
And Then We Went Fishing improved my opinion of him as a person.  He showed some vulnerability and humility in it.  He wasn’t as preachy.  This book is a duel story about the birth of his first son and the death of his father.  I cannot imagine growing up with a father like Benedict’s father.  It does help me understand why he is the way he is, but his father seemed like a man who was not meant for family life.  I feel for Benedict and for his brother, his sister, and his mother.  I cannot imagine what they went through and I was tearing up by the end of it.  His father was shot by his brother after breaking into the family home one early morning.  He brought it on himself and Benedict says as much.  Still, I don’t know how a family recovers from something like that.
 The story of his son’s birth is far less depressing but it is quite suspenseful.  With all that goes on, you would swear he made the whole story up.  He and his wife wanted a home birth, given his feelings toward doctors, that makes sense.  Unfortunately, you can’t always get what you want.  And sometimes, you have no choice but to trust people other than yourself.  His wife (ex-wife) sounds like a remarkably strong individual.  She endured somewhere around 50 hours of drug free labor and she did it without complaining.  That’s more than I could handle.  The midwife and birthing attendants were frustrating because I got the sense that they weren’t taking things seriously.  Eventually, they had no choice and they went to the hospital.   Their son, named after Benedict’s father, was born a healthy baby.
The juxtaposition of the two stories make for a very engaging read and it was very bittersweet.  He has a sort of poetic style of writing.  Sometimes, that’s frustrating because sometimes I just want the facts without getting all artsy about it.  Still, it was well written and, emotionally, it got to me.  In many ways, his kind of writing tells me more about him as a person than autobiographies that go through the writer’s life year by year. It makes him stand out not necessarily because of what he went through, but because of how he reacted to his situations and how he chose to deal with them.  If you just want to read a viewpoint that doesn’t get a lot of attention, these books are worth reading.  If by chance, you are searching for a healthier way of living, these books are also worth reading. 

Twin Peaks Fanvid

This video took me almost a year to finish. I was having technical difficulties. I'm surprisingly pleased with how it turned out. Perhaps all my videos should start taking this long.