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Short fic from Amy's POV set during Children of Jamestown.  This is probably the most vulnerable we ever see Amy.  She's afraid and she admits it.  She's never been in a situation remotely like this before and probably never thought she would be.  I wondered what was going through her head then and why she stuck with the guys after seeing how dangerous it can get.


I had the jazz.  I thought I had the jazz.  That thrill of chasing down criminals, of righting wrongs.  In Mexico, I was too focused and determined to spare myself a thought.  I had to find Al.  I had to save him.  I didn’t even think about how much danger I was in.  I should have thought about it.  Because Al is safe now.  That job is over.  Mexico seems like a lifetime ago.  Was it only a few weeks ago?  Have I been on this crazy high, this jazz, all this time?  Sitting here in this barn now, the three of them telling me to accept death, I think I’m finally coming down.  I loved saving that girl.  She’ll get to go back to her life because of us.  We saved her.  Is that thought enough comfort if I die here today? 
            Maybe I made a mistake, joining the team.  Maybe Hannibal was right.  I take his hand as he tells me to do as they say.  But, I was right, wasn’t I?  I knew Al was in trouble even when my boss wouldn’t believe it.  I trusted my instincts like a good journalist should.  Like I always do.  Like I did when I chose to come on this mission.  I stop listening to the guys as they keep trying to reassure me.  They’re asking me to trust them and I do, but I trust myself more.  And I made the right call. 

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